This idea won multiple awards, including Gold in Ojo de Iberoamérica, Gold in Adweek Project Isaac, Gold in Diente. Also was shortlisted in Clio and Cannes and was named "One of the most cleverly designed objects of 2015" according to Wired.
Getting kids to eat healthier can be a real challenge, either because they lack motivation, are easily distracted or turn their nose up at certain flavors. There are a few tricks parents have up their sleeve for getting their children to eat what’s on their plate. It turns out that bribery is one of the most effective tools. Currently, out of all the bribes a child might respond to, 15 minutes on the iPad ranks pretty high (there’s nothing like dangling a shiny, amazing carrot in order to get kids to eat an actual carrot). Talking about Popeye and the benefits of spinach or about eating carrots to improve their vision no longer convinces this generation. We had to find a solution to the problem of kids not eating healthier. 

Yumit, an interactive children’s food plate that motivates kids to eat healthy by converting what they eat into virtual energy that can be used for upgrades and extras on mobile games. The healthier the kids eat, the more virtual energy their favorite game character will have. How? The plate rests on a scale that measures each bite in real time. As children eat, the info is sent to the Yumit servers. In that way, when the child finishes eating, he can enjoy his games and learn about the benefits of eating healthy. Yumit also has a mobile app for parents, which registers and analyzes children’s eating behavior. If something is missing from the food’s pyramid, it’s suggested through the games. Picture the final stage of a game level and your character saying something like: “Looks like I have run out of energy to move forward, try eating some vegetables on Yumit".

We developed one hardware product and two software applications. The Yumit plate is operated by an electronic board wired to a weight sensor placed on its support base. It also has a strip of multi-colored LEDs ring that works as a visual indicator and a Bluetooth module that connects the hardware with the mobile app. The mobile app is developed on Android, it uses a Bluetooth library to connect and receive information from the plate and keep the data stored in the cloud using a custom REST API. The API is open to all developers who wish to integrate their games to Yumit. The first game that’s compatible with Yumit has been developed in addition to the Unity game engine. It uses the API to convert nutritional values into virtual energy. If the child doesn’t fulfill his/her diet, the character won’t have enough strength/power in the game to complete the level. 
José Azanza Arias                    Wunderman Buenos Aires        Executive Creative Director
Dany Minaker                            Wunderman Buenos Aires        Executive Creative Director
Sebastián Tarazaga                 Wunderman Buenos Aires        Executive Creative Director
Darío Ventura                           Wunderman Buenos Aires        Creative Director
Rodrigo Gorosterrazú               Wunderman Buenos Aires        Creative Technologist
Matías Lobos León                   Wunderman Buenos Aires        Art Director
Darío Ventura                           Wunderman Buenos Aires        Copywriter
Santiago Salvarani                   Wunderman Buenos Aires        Industrial Design
Sabrina Pintos                          Wunderman Buenos Aires        Visual Designer
Gabriel Martín                           Wunderman Buenos Aires        User Experience Web
Lucas Zubeldía                         Wunderman Buenos Aires        Web Design
Pablo Aranguren                      Wunderman Buenos Aires        Game Animation
Fernando Rossini                     Wunderman Buenos Aires        Mobile App Design
Francisco Facal                         Wunderman Buenos Aires        Head of Software
Pablo Mendoza                        Wunderman Buenos Aires        Web Development
Juan Manuel Guerrero              Wunderman Buenos Aires        Web Development
Javier Corra                              Wunderman Buenos Aires        Game Design & Development
Darío Zapata                            Wunderman Buenos Aires        Mobile App Development
Germán Depina                        Wunderman Buenos Aires        Mobile App Development
Pablo Codeiro                          Wunderman Buenos Aires        Mobile App Development
Sean McAlister                         Wunderman Buenos Aires        English Copywriting
Ernest Riba                              Wunderman Buenos Aires        Growth Strategy
María Quinzio                           Wunderman Buenos Aires        Strategy Director
Gabriela Trabanco                    Wunderman Buenos Aires        Planner
Daniela Tucci                            Young & Rubicam                     PR & Communications
Italians                                     Italians                                     Music & Sound FX
Gloria Films                               Gloria Films                               Audiovisual production company
Federico Gianotti                      Gloria Films                               Director
Fabián Zayat                            Gloria Films                               Executive Producer
Sebastián García Suárez          Gloria Films                               Producer
Bill Nieto                                   Gloria Films                               Director of Photography
María Gutierrez                         Gloria Films                               Art Director
Mauro Carpinacci                      Gloria Films                               Editor
Martín Suárez                           Gloria Films                               Post production
Santiago Bermudez                  Wolox                                       Manufacture Design Consultant
Luciana Reznik                         Wolox                                       Suppliers and Materials Consultant
Laura Martínez                         Wunderman Buenos Aires        Agency Producer

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