Cannes Lions - 2016 - Bronze -  Media - Use of Media
Cannes Lions - 2016 - Shortlist - Direct - Flat Mailing
Cannes Lions - 2016 - Shortlist - Health And Wellness - Fundraising & Advocacy
Clio Health - 2016 - Silver - Direct - Print/Mail
Clio Health - 2016 - Silver - Direct - Audio
Ojo de Iberoamérica - 2016 - Silver - Correo Directo 
Ojo de Iberoamérica - 2016 - Silver - Medios Alternativos
Diente - 2016 - Plata - Bien público
Wave Festival Brazil - 2016 - Bronze - Direct
Fundación Huésped is an Argentinian NGO with regional reach. It is devoted to the area of Public Health, focusing in HIV/AIDS. All of the services provided by the NGO are free of charge and are financed through donations and support. One of the most important issues that the NGO faces is that there are not as many donors as needed, and this is mainly due to the following two key reasons: They are working in a highly stigmatized subject that does not always generate empathy; and that the services offered are intangible (advocacy, research, education, among others). We were therefore summoned to help them break those barriers and, at the same time, enhance the base of people who could commit to monthly donations.

Every time someone tests for HIV/AIDS faces the possibility of obtaining a positive result. At first this generates stress and fear and then a feeling of relief and happiness when they see it’s “negative”. This process creates a unique and responsiveness approach towards the issue. We thought it would be helpful to take advantage of that happiness and place those people in the shoes of someone with HIV. Therefore we placed a sound chip in all the negative tests during November (as used in Christmas cards). When people opened the envelope and learned that they had tested negative, the voice of a person with HIV surprised them with his/her story and encouraged them to transform that good news (not being affected by HIV) in something that could help those who had the virus. People could donate on the spot through a QR printed in the result at the very moment. 

We got together with many of the patients, who receive free treatment at Fundación Huésped, and asked them to describe how was their experience at the moment they tested for HIV and learnt that they were affected by the virus. All the testimonies were recorded at a studio and placed in an audio chip. Every chip including the different testimonies were inserted in the negative results of tests performed at Fundación during November. When people opened the envelope and learnt that their result was negative they immediately heard the testimony of someone suffering from HIV who requested help from Fundación Huésped. Within the result a QR code led them to a web site in which they could donate on the spot. We created a video of the action that was launched in a web site on December 1st AIDS’s worldwide day. 

The action was a true success: everyone who took part of the action helped in different ways. It had immediate reaction in social networks and was picked up by the main TV networks and radio broadcasters. Offline (Print Media) Media also communicated the action on AID’s worldwide day. In summary we obtained 4.5MM media impressions and 2MM earned media while monthly donations increased by 67%. But, what is most important, we regained the country’s concern related to the fight against HIV and their interest on the activities of Fundación Huésped. 

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